David Atwood,

David Atwood

Life Insurance Broker

David Atwood

Ask yourself this question, “Will there be a financial loss as a result of my sudden departure?”  If the answer is “yes”, and you feel it makes sense to hand the risk off to an insurance company, then I may be of assistance.

Purchasing insurance is really quite an efficient process.  Unlike most things you buy, insurance company rates are available from a single source allowing you and your advisor to select the best solution at the lowest cost.  Seldom is one company the right solution for all situations, so it’s best to use a broker with experience to know the difference between one company and the next.

We’ve been sourcing the life insurance market for our clients since 1983 and we’ve helped pioneer the way from single company representation to multi company brokerage style representation offering coverage for personal and business needs.  Insurance can be a wonderful tool when it’s used properly and we know how to determine whether an insurance solution is right for you.

If protecting the people you care about is on your mind, we provide solid back up, just in case things go bump in the night!  Contact me directly for a complimentary risk assessment.

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