James Culford,

James Culford

Peacehold is the authority in estate documentation and executor assistance.  We simplify a complex process and speed your time to claim and closure.


Estate Documentation

Each one of our families receives a customized package with a cover letter taking them step-by-step through the signing of the prepared documents.  Also included are pre-addressed/stamped envelopes and copies of all correspondence for their files.  An uncomplicated process to assist at a difficult time.

We have listed below some of the over 200 categories the Associates assess during the comprehensive evaluation process.

Identity Theft

The threat is real.  In Canada, 1 in 4 individuals have been a victim of identity theft over the past year.  Peacehold ensures that crucial information such as passports, health cards, Social Insurance numbers and drivers licenses are retired with the appropriate government agencies.

Compassion and Care

Every client is unique.  At Peacehold, we ensure that you are always treated with compassion and respect.  At a time of uncertainty, we come alongside families and offer administrative guidance in their time of need.  Let us assist in the accurate and efficient processing of all your necessary forms and documents.  Find out how you can get started by visiting Peacehold.com.