Subrata Datta,

Subrata Datta

Veterinarian, Owner

Busy?  Don’t have the time to take your pet to a vet?  Find it stressful to transport your pet, waiting in the exam room, and having your pet in the carrier?  Would you like to have the veterinary service available in the comfort of your home?  If yes, please contact the newly established London Mobile Veterinary Services by calling 519-204-4924 or by email at

London Mobile Veterinary Services has been established to provide quality veterinary services at the pet owners’ doorstep.  Our aim is to provide control, prevention and treatment of different diseases of dogs and cats in the comfort of their homes.  We also provide an annual wellness program to the pets.  This alleviates the stress a pet goes through when being brought to a hospital or clinic, and will also help the pet owners who find it difficult to transport their pets for various reasons.  The pet owners and family will also have the opportunity to discuss issues related to their pet’s wellbeing when the veterinarian visits their home.  We also provide compassionate end-of-life care for your pet in the comfort of your home.  We will be there with you at your home when you make the heart breaking decision of saying goodbye to your pet.

Dr. Subrata Datta has been in practice of veterinary medicine for last 22 years including 5 years in London, Ontario.  As a housecall veterinarian, Dr. Datta provides thorough physical examination, vaccines, routine health care, care for sick dogs and cats, euthanasia and other veterinary services, all in your own home.