• There is no compensation paid to David Atwood, Talisman Investment Planning, or Sterling Mutuals Inc., for introducing an independent professional advisor to a client, unless otherwise stated clearly to the client in a separate written disclosure. There is no obligation, implied or otherwise, for professional advisors to reciprocate with introductions to one another.

    Part of the service provided by David Atwood and Talisman Investment Planning is to develop a comprehensive financial plan to achieve the short and long-term financial goals of our clients. In reaching the objectives of our clients, it may be necessary to address important issues such as insurance, investment, tax, and estate planning. The Talisman™ service is designed to co-ordinate the activities of other professional advisors, such as accountants, lawyers, lenders, and insurance advisors. If required by the client, we may also tap into our own professional network, PEACE™, Professional Executive Alliance for Client Excellence.

    PEACE™ is intended to surround our clients with excellent people. We add meaningful value to our relationships by introducing the professional advisors we deem to be most suitable and in the best interests of our clients. It is possible however, to imagine a perception could exist where there may be a "quid pro quo", leading us to recommend certain professional advisors in an effort to curry favor or for reasons other than the best interests of our client.

    In the face of this risk, we are reminded that it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and only minutes to destroy it. We try to conduct our affairs as though our actions may appear on the front page of our local newspaper, so if there is a sniff of impropriety; we want to be the first to know!  We are not presently aware of any inappropriate influences that may negatively affect our judgment. We have no family relationship with the professional advisors we may recommend.

    We respect and value independent advice and strive to preserve existing relationships. The choice of who you deal with is your own decision and David Atwood, Talisman Investment Planning, and Sterling Mutuals Inc. are excluded from any errors or omissions arising out of the performance of your independent professional advisors.

    David Atwood, Talisman Investment Planning, or Sterling Mutuals Inc. do not supervise services being performed by independent professional advisors on a referral basis. David Atwood is not qualified to provide specific legal or accounting advice and you should not rely on David Atwood, Talisman Investment Planning or Sterling Mutuals Inc. to review these independently provided services.

    David Atwood is licensed for the sale of life insurance and insurance-related products such as segregated funds, annuities, disability insurance, critical illness insurance and long-term care insurance.

    David Atwood is also a mutual fund representative associated with Sterling Mutuals Inc. Sterling Mutuals Inc. is not providing the fee-for-service financial planning. Sterling Mutuals Inc. does not supervise the financial planning activities being performed by the representative providing the financial planning service and you should not rely on Sterling Mutuals Inc. for any review of the service. Sterling Mutuals Inc. is not liable to you for any errors or omissions.