PEACE™ is designed to assist you with maintaining visual contact with your big picture. Maintaining a supportive environment in your sandbox is a way for your key players to work together and maximize their value to you. The idea is to surround yourself with excellent people.

    If for any reason you have a particular need that could benefit from the guidance of a specialist, we will lend a hand directly or shine our light in the right direction.

    Here is an additional opportunity where you can benefit yourself and the people you care about.

    Our clients mean the world to us. We routinely extend our service by providing a complimentary sounding board to the family and friends ofour clients. Many good people may be struggling with a loss of confidence or they could simply use a helping hand with a difficult matter. We want to help!

    The last thing we want to do is anything that may tarnish a good reputation, yours or ours! If you pay us the highest form of flattery by introducing us to your family or friends, we’re going to do two things.

    First we’re going to call them and return the ultimate compliment and make an appointment to get acquainted with one another. If there is a good fit, we will move on to a more thorough discovery process, and if not, we will shine our light on the path we think is most suited to their needs. Second, if your introduction leads to a new client relationship, Talisman will be happy to treat you and the people you introduced to your own private feast in your favorite local dining establishment.

    We’re so sure your loved ones will be happy with us and your raving accolades that we’ll give you full credit for everything they love about us, (including dinner), and we’ll take full responsibility for the economy and the global financial markets! That’s right, you can still be the hero and the helping hands of PEACE™ will carry the weight of the world!


    PEACE™ is by invitation only so the risk of association is minimized with a collective of like-minded individuals. We’re intently focused on quality because we know it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and only minutes to destroy. PEACE™ associates know that other professional advisors may be looking over their shoulder, so they tend to perform their best work to "show off" their talent.

    Experience has shown that "cream of the crop" advisors are often a best kept secret. PEACE™ is an opportunity to showcase professional talent. PEACE™ associates are invited to participate in delivering and attending a series of case studies intended to benefit clients and other professional advisors. Surrounding the people we care about with top notch professionals and working together for the benefit of the client is actually a great way to minimize risk.

    If you’re dedicated to quality in your service and you would like to network among other quality minded professional advisors, PEACE™ is what you want! PEACE™ can be added to compliment an existing web site or it can be used to create a free stand-alone page for your business. There is no cost for the web site plug-in; all we are asking for is a $100 donation to the registered charity of your choice.


    We know serving people can bring great joy, especially when in the service of people you care about. Over time, our clients have become like close personal friends and we think you would like serving them as much as we do. We would like to introduce them to you if you promise to take really good care of them.

    It isn't necessary, but it might be a nice gesture to offer an introductory offer of some sort to show our clients that they are welcome to your establishment. We would love to promote you if we know our clients will be made to feel special. If you're not a client already, (we shamelessly promote our business owner clients), we may be happy to introduce you after we get to know you.

    Feel free to introduce yourself and let's see how we may be able to make this a win-win for you and our clients!


    If you care deeply about people and you’re seeking a vocation that will reward you financially for doing what is in the best interests of the people you care about, we would like to meet with you. Talisman Investment Planning is seeking qualified individuals who may be interested in seeking out those who feel as though they are not well treated by the financial services industry. We are interested in shining our light on the path of restoring confidence.

    Our industry leading systems of delivery and process management are ideally suited to those who want to restore or enhance their ability to self-determine their future.

    Talisman will provide all the training and equipment necessary to make new client introductions a breeze. Successful applicants will be part of a team of dedicated independent minded professionals who are part of a growing and respected national financial services firm, with over 500 associates, and owned by a successful 120 year old publicly traded Canadian company. If you or anyone you know may be interested in finding out more about taking a stake in a tremendously rewarding vocation please feel free to contact us by E-Mail,


    As part of the Sterling Mutuals Inc. family of advisors we enjoy an industry leading back office and we are supported by a strong management team in the head office. The benefit of our national scale provides us with opportunities to efficiently apply unique front office solutions while preserving our independent minded processes. As a member of the advisory council for two different dealers and the former Vice-president Mutual Funds for the Independent Financial Brokers of Canada, it remains a privilege to continue in the support and development of industry leading practices with respected peers and associates.

    PEACE may be extended from any existing web site and you may invite the professional associates and business owners of your choice. There is no cost for the use of this plug-in, we just ask that you make a $100 donation to any registered charity you like and you're free to build out your own private network of PEACE associates in the manner of your choosing. Simply have your web master contact us and we'll put your people in touch with our people!

    Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems are an integral part of professional practice management. We've adopted Microsoft Dynamics, an off the shelf CRM, and customized it to support the best practices and procedures of the wealth management industry. These customizations are a terrific head start for any Sterling Mutuals Inc. advisor wishing to switch over to this state of the art technology. The best part of this offer is that the modifications are being shared for FREE and they represent terrific value for practices of all sizes. Contact David Atwood at 519-434-8807 for details.


    Business succession is top of mind for many financial advisors today.  The reasons are plentiful; advisor demographics, health issues, stubbornly difficult investment markets, the increasing burden of compliance, restless clients, technology challenges, continuing education, staff management, rising costs and falling revenues to name a few.  We also understand the dilemma; succession has been the last thing on your mind for quite some time, a lingering thought at best.

    Every business is subject to a day of reckoning, usually when the owner transitions out of the business or into retirement.  Successful planning will avoid a fire sale scenario and it is dependent on finding a respectable alternative for the people you have cared about, a place where your clients will continue to be looked after.  Your legacy depends on the continuity of a brand of service fitting to your reputation.  You also want the value of what you have created to be recognized.  In many cases it is a lifetime of achievement and part of your own retirement planning.

    Why Talisman?

    We're at a stage in our lifecycle where we will be practicing well into the next generation.  We have the assurance and financial backing of a major publicly traded financial services conglomerate to underwrite the cost of your succession.  We belong to a large network of financial advisors with a presence in every province in the country.  We have access to IIROQ and MFDA platforms as well as insurance licensing.  Cutting edge technology on a cloud based server is already installed to make your client service transition a breeze.

    You may choose to stay involved in your practice - you don't have to leave if you want to stay connected!  Your key people will also be protected as we are likely to preserve your employment relationship(s).  Your client service legacy will be preserved and enhanced and you will be rewarded with a very competitive offer with terms that are flexible to your needs.

    If you're thinking about getting out or scaling back, you owe it to your clients and yourself to consider an offer from us.  Contact David Atwood for a confidential, no obligation offer.  No deal is considered too big or too small.  Discretion is assured, reply in confidence to